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4. Then, in later chapters, we’ll cover advanced techniques and coding examples.
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  • I'll try to highlight anything that is specific to these things, so YMMV with Apple devices and whichever adapter you use.
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    Arta507 said: Hi knt and thanks for sending me the link.

  • i have coded my nbt evo with car play with a.
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    I simply collected them in one place and added a few.

  • Open BimmerCode and connect as described in the chapter ”Connecting”.
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    I used Veepeak BLE+ and Bimmercode on Android.

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    Also, you may not find a PDF that is "specific" to the F06/F12/F13.

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    If that picture doesn't spell it out clear enough to you, then maybe you should not be using expert mode (unless you mean the picture is not displaying right.